Conservation Mentor - is in charge of educating the group at each outing on the principles outlined below that encourage TMP mentors and participants to use conservation techniques and proper fish-handling techniques.

The goal of having a conservation mentor is to educate the children on how to care for their environment and for the fish they get to experience, with the goal that they will not only form a deeper connection with the outdoors, but they will be more curious about their environment and also begin to understand why it is essential we try our hardest to protect it.

Role include doing a quick talk at the beginning of outings, setting up reward systems for those they see following the conservation outlines, working with TMP staff to provide needed materials that teach conservation and appreciation of the children’s local environments.

Practices we instill

Catch and Release - Mentees are taught proper fish handling techniques and are educated on the value behind the practice of catch and release. 


Clean Rivers - Approximately 40 percent of the rivers in the U.S. are too polluted for fishing and swimming.  Fish need clean water to survive; therefore The Mayfly Project strives to leave the river better than we found it.  Teaming up with Fishpond, all mentees are provided with micro trash bins to keep our trash contained! 


Contamination - Scientists believe that aquatic invasive species are one of the greatest threats to America’s trout and salmon. We educate mentees about this expanding threat and develop appropriate “gear-hygiene” so that we do not contribute to the problem.

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