Positive Prints Initiative

During each project outing the children we mentor participate in efforts to restore local fisheries and their ecosystems. Our mentees learn that they can make a difference by leaving "positive prints," whether it be properly handling fish, picking up trash, or by teaching others the importance of good stewardship!

Each project has a designated "Conservation Mentor" who implements the conservation piece of The Mayfly Project throughout the outings.  There are at least three topics covered under our program.

Catch and Release - Mentees are taught proper fish handling techniques and are educated on the value behind the practice of catch and release. 

Clean Rivers - Approximately 40 percent of the rivers in the U.S. are too polluted for fishing and swimming.  Fish need clean water to survive; therefore The Mayfly Project strives to leave the river better than we found it.  Teaming up with Fishpond, all mentees are provided with micro trash bins to keep our trash contained! 

Contamination - Scientists believe that aquatic invasive species are one of the greatest threats to America’s trout and salmon. We educate mentees about this expanding threat and develop appropriate “gear-hygiene” so that we do not contribute to the problem.



We believe that the more our children understand the value in what the river provides, it will become a place they want to protect. Join our efforts!