Mentor Documents

PowerPoint can be used by mentors for presenting TMP to new audiences

Handbook must be read by new mentors - no signature required

If there are people that are interested in learning more about TMP feel free to send this document to them.


Confidentiality Form

Please complete form and return to your lead mentor.

Lead Mentor Documents

Should be signed by the guardian of the foster child so we know if there is anything we need to know about the child while they are in our custody.

If you are leading TMP in your state here is a checklist of items that need to be done in order to get TMP up and running.


Checklist for outings to make sure our kids have everything that they need.

Rules for TMP outings - Should be signed by the Mentor and Lead Mentor


This letter can be used when trying to explain who TMP is to prospective group homes.

Here are a list of questions lead mentors can ask prospective group homes during the interview process.

List of roles for mentors in each project.  Assigns mentors roles to help out the lead mentor.

Please go over these rules prior to outings for safety purposes