Meet Mollie Simpkins

National Media and Outreach Coordinator - Bozeman, Montana

Steelhead  hen.jpg

Growing up outside Chicago, Mollie's family fishing roots run deep. However, it didn't become her mad passion until 2006 while living in Baltimore. It was during her first trip west, in 2007 to fish the Yellowstone area, in which she drove the the Beartooth Pass and knew she had to make the mountains her home. It was also at this time she discovered her love of philanthropy and fundraising.

Because of the loss of her mother to breast cancer in 1991, was drawn to the work and mission of Casting for Recovery. She served in many capacities with the Mid-Atlantic Program eventually becoming the Program Manager. In addition to her work with CfR, has served on the boards of Maryland Trout Unlimited, the WestSlope Chapter of Trout Unlimited in Missoula, and a Maryland-based non-profit, For 3 Sisters.

Early in 2018, Mollie discovered The Mayfly Project, and being aware of how transformative fly fishing and being on the water can be, was excited to become a mentor in Bozeman and work with kids in the foster system. Shortly thereafter, utilizing her years in the broadcast industry and work in nonprofit sector, became the National Media and Outreach Coordinator. Additionally, she is the lead on the TMP newsletter Holding Spaces and the Annual Foster the Rise 2-Fly Tournament.

For 'work' Mollie is the Director of Conservation and Education for the Sweetwater Fly Shop in Livingston, Montana. It’s no surprise that in her off time you’ll find her off on a fishing adventure locally or regionally.