Meet Nick Grisham

Lead Mentor, Central Arkansas


Nick was born and raised in the central Arkansas town of Benton. He grew up loving the outdoors and spent countless hours roaming local creeks and rivers catching bream and bass, which started his love for the sport of fishing. Nick wasn’t introduced to fly fishing until 2014, but became immediately obsessed with it as soon as he felt the first tug of a rainbow trout on the end of the line. The thrill of creating a fly and catching a trout with that fly is something that Nick will never forget.

In 2016, Nick joined up with The Mayfly Project to assist with the local Central Arkansas Project and it gave him a different perspective about foster care and fly fishing both. Due to a great upbringing in a stable family, Nick was naïve to the growing number of children in foster care across the country and the effects that it has on the children. It was quickly apparent that the introduction of the kids to the key aspects of fly fishing (casting, fly tying, catching fish, etc) was therapeutic for most of the kids that went through the program. Even if the kids did not enjoy the fishing, they just appreciated having mentors around to hang out with them and show an interest in them. After just a few outings, Nick was all-in for The Mayfly Project and was committed to helping it grow locally and nationally. In 2018, Nick was given the opportunity to be the Central Arkansas Project Lead Mentor and was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2019. Due to the rapid influx of mentors over the past year, there are now 2 projects in the Central Arkansas area. This means that even more local kids can experience the outdoors and fly fishing and use it as an outlet when dealing with the stresses of everyday life.

Outside of TMP, Nick is a Regional Operations Director for a regional reference laboratory. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Charity, and 2 young children, Finley and Witt. Nick is looking forward to introducing his children to both fly fishing and The Mayfly Project. He foresees that the mentoring of the foster children will be something that the entire family will be able to enjoy together for years to come.